About Us ~ Our Mission Statement and Vision

About Affluent Bride

About Us ~ Our Mission Statement and Vision

AFFLUENT BRIDE had its start with the unique concept of providing a prestigious online LUXE Wedding Showcase for upscale wedding professionals, bridal vendor suppliers to connect with the affluent wedding audience in the USA.

With our resourceful niche bridal marketing and wedding industry experience and strengths, we have taken notice of the resonating disappointment from those affluent brides-to-be who continually address the difficulty in locating the most upscale and high end wedding resources to complement their affluent lifestyle.

About Affluent BrideWe've also taken notice of you, the acclaimed, upscale wedding professional and the frustration you feel in your own online marketing attempts to effectively reach this affluent wedding audience.

While one can find literally hundreds of wedding websites in which to advertise a myriad of wedding services or products, most suggest at best a 'one size fits all' bride-to-be mentality that furthermore caters to wedding discounters and bridal bargain shoppers, which has certainly never been an attractive option for the discriminating taste of affluent brides or any upscale wedding professionals who seek to reach this preferred segment of the wedding industry.

With well over a decade in the luxury wedding and bridal marketing industry experience, AFFLUENT BRIDE understands the unique marketing needs of luxury wedding advertisers to reach the those brides who select a wedding resource based on quality and desire nothing more than to project a grand scale opulence for their wedding day, unlike many other undesirable discount wedding vendor advertiser options, that more often than not, cater only to brides who continually seek discounts or shop on price alone and cannot afford or appreciate your high end wedding services.

As a discerning bride, if you are in search of celebrated wedding resources for your own wedding, or perhaps an upscale wedding professional seeking a more targeted, niche marketing approach to further extend your reach into this preferred affluent wedding audience, we cordially invite you to take part in our extraordinary VISION.

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Dedicated to your Success,
Brenda Lopez, CEO & Founder
Affluent Bride - Online LUXE Wedding Magazine