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Southern based Live Event Artist Joy Varnell certainly knows there is not any better way to capture those special moments to have, hold, cherish, remember and share with others, than with a full size wedding painting created LIVE just as the moment takes place. Whether you are searching for a live event artist in the Birmingham, AL area, Mobile, AL or perhaps a destination wedding worldwide, Joy Varnell is most happy to accommodate your request to commission her for a live wedding painting of your event, if available.

Joy starts hours before your wedding takes place. Capturing the very details of the surrounding area and background as the excitement of the wedding preparations are taking place. Flowers are being arranged. Chairs are unfolded and are set in place. The cake is brought in and final touches are added. As all of this is taking place, Joy begins painting your masterpiece. Capturing the excitement, as the chatter and rush are going on all around her, she paints. Soon the time comes for guest to begin to arrive. Joy quickly adjusts to include the guests into the developing scene as it takes place. Once the bride and groom come onto the scene, they walk right into the painting. This creates lots of fun and is intriguing to the guest.

At your luxury wedding, Joy can blend discreetly into the background, capturing those touching moments of your wedding.

Joy can also use a technique called “Speed Painting.” In Speed Painting, Joy creates a painting at your wedding in a matter of a few minutes, perhaps while a soloist performs or your wedding band plays. This popular style of live event painting can be performed at any time, prior to the wedding event, during the first dance, cake cutting, or just as part of the entertainment at your wedding reception to add another dimension and special ambiance to your wedding day. At the wedding reception, the process becomes part of the festivities as guests stop by periodically during the evening to chat and observe the progress of the wedding painting as it unfolds on canvas. Guests are always intrigued, amazed and excited to see themselves painted into the wedding scene. As a highly regarded live event artist in the Alabama area and worldwide, Joy Varnell can easily paint your wedding, reception, or both.

“I love it Joy! You captured it perfectly and it is exactly what I envisioned. One of Rob's co workers saw him carry it in at work and said, "is that St. Luke's?" truly amazing! I look forward to working with you in the future - I know I will figure out another important event that your "live event artist" services will be needed. :) ” - Dari LeComte Roden

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“Joy, I want you to know just how much it meant to us to have you at our reception. Everyone kept asking if this was something new, if it was my idea or my wedding planners, and how I found you. You were such a pleasure to work with. Now we are home and have had it framed. It took no time at all to decide where we were going to hang it. It is such a wonderful reminder of the most wonderful day of my life. I know that over time, the wedding photos will eventually get put away, but this can be displayed in our home for many, many years to come. My mother has even suggested that we can keep if for our kids to have when thay grow up. (That's my mom) But she is right, what a wonderful treasure to hand down to them.” - Lisa and Thad

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