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Agapé Innovations was founded by Bryeanne Summers, a professional artist and invitation designer. She has over a decade of experience creating one-of-a-kind art pieces and custom designs for a variety of clients. Her expertise will make your visions a reality.

As a leading San Diego invitation designer we offers countless ways to customize your couture wedding invitations, designing a personalized look just for your wedding. Agapé Innovations hand-makes completely original wedding invitation suites in any color, a variety of paper choices, ribbon, gems, feathers and other beautiful embellishments to ensure your wedding invitation has a definite "wow" factor. The options are limitless and we love designing for the couple that wants the very best.

Agapé Innovations' expertise is Wedding Invitation suites. We design unique pieces that will accent the glamorous, elegant, fun and luxurious nature of your ceremony. All of our high end wedding invitations are tailored to your style, completely customizable and delivered with a superior level of customer service.

Our signature collection is just the beginning of what we can offer.
Since all of our designs are only used once this is not a site you can just order invites from. It is a specialty boutique company that offers free consultation to begin the design process that will commence your first edition and only edition piece of artwork you will be proud to call your Wedding suite.

Bryeanne Summers is known as one of the most talented designers by her clients and consistently delivers remarkable products. Bryeanne Summers and her company have been written about in the Union Tribune San Diego explaining, "Summers, who has won numerous awards for illustration as well as typographic design also has craftsmanship that is meticulous...Agapé is the greek word representing self-sacrificing, unconditional love. The love the artist has for each piece as well as the love the engaged couple has for their special occasion."

An Acclaimed 5 Star Luxury Wedding Resource Member

Let Agapé Innovations represent your union with a truly original invitation suite that will be there with you always representing the shared connection you have in the best visual means possible. And don't forget, we only make one design per couple so your handmade wedding invitation is as unique as your celebration of love. Register online today!

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